Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this affect my billing process?

    • It does not.  Your billing process will continue as it normally would with any other insurance carrier.  For any patient that participates through our White Sands Network,  you will simply add one additional, special code which we will train you how to do.  This added code will allow us to track the claims and receive the predetermined fee per E&M or CPT as agreed upon for our preferred provider fee schedule.

  • Will this affect my current contracts with insurance providers?

    • No...This will have no adverse effect on any other insurance contracts you currently have or will have in the future.  In fact, being a member of ​White Sands will allow us to improve your dealings and problem solving with Aetna.  Furthermore, if you are not currently contracted with Aetna, joining White Sands will give you the opportunity to become an Aetna provider.

  • How does the bonus structure work?

    • Bonuses will be awarded based on industry qualifiers and measured on patient satisfaction, as well as practicing efficient and conscientious medicine. The bonus will be distributed based on predetermined benchmarks and will be allocated by the "Bonus Board", composed largely of Specialists within the network.  The process is transparent, logical and follows a predetermined calculation process. ​ 


  • Who sits on the Bonus Board?

    • The Bonus Board is comprised of participating physicians that have been elected by their peers, and the administration.

  • How do I get out of my White Sands Participation Agreement if I change my mind?

    • There are no penalties for cancelling your contract.  You only need to give us 60 days ​notice.

  • What if I am approached by another insurance or plan in the future?

    • We are so confident that our plans will give our Specialists the best options that we DO NOT REQUIRE EXCLUSIVITY.  You can join any plan at any time you choose.

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